It is not advisable to use a stainless steel pot to boil some soups with Chinese medicinal materials, because Chinese medicine contains a lot of alkaloids, which will chemically react with stainless steel during heating, which will affect the medicinal effect of the soup.

The pressure cooker can quickly cook the soup in the shortest time, but the nutrition is not destroyed, that is, it saves fire and electricity. It is suitable for cooking materials with tough texture and not easy to soften. However, the food put in the pressure cooker should not exceed the maximum water level in the pot, so as to avoid insufficient internal pressure and the food cannot be cooked quickly.

The casserole is authentic and easy to crack. Cooking the soup in a casserole can keep the original flavor. The casserole can withstand high temperatures and can withstand a long time of stewing.

The casserole can make the soup rich and delicious without losing the original nutrients, but it has poor thermal conductivity and is easy to crack. The new casserole is best not to be used directly, it can only be used after some treatment.

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