3. In terms of technology in the domestic cookware industry, there has been basically no development from the 1960s to the 1990s. 90% of the products are mainly pure aluminum. The core technology is mainly cold stamping, ordinary mold making and manual surface treatment, with very low technological content. . In recent years, under the guidance of the national industrial policy, outdated "shore vulgar" rolling mill equipment has been eliminated. Several major domestic cookware manufacturers have seized the opportunity to take the lead in developing new products to promote the rapid development of the industry and gradually shorten it. The gap with the advanced technology of international cookware manufacturing. The first is the change of material. The composite sheet of aluminum alloy and stainless steel is used as the manufacturing material. The application of this new material has promoted the improvement of cold stamping technology. At the same time, metal mold manufacturing technology is also an important foundation for the development of cookware companies. At present, the surface treatment of cookware made of aluminum alloy has undergone the soft oxidation technology process of oxalic acid oxidation and sulfuric acid oxidation, and will gradually develop into the mainstream hard oxidation technology in the future. , And develop towards the internationally popular composite sheet. The rise of emerging cookware with high-tech content not only meets the requirements of environmental protection in the kitchen and improving the cooking environment, but more importantly, compared with traditional cookware, it has increased the technical content, paid attention to the needs of humanization, and made cooking become Simple, quick and easy, making home life more warm, and the price gradually tends to be reasonable, which caters to the psychology of consumers.

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