In fact, we have quite a few ways to cook food. There are only 27 kinds of Chinese dishes, which is the least. However, in foreign countries, there are five popular cooking methods. The difference is Fry, roast, roast, boil, and deep-fry. Then there will be a lot of knowledge in this. For Chinese cuisine, compared to those liquid foods and soft things, we are better at it. In this case, for the cooking methods of foreigners, water is not It's not very easy to control. Let's take a look at the most common food for foreigners, like some breads, cakes, steaks, etc., which are basically baked or baked, so there is very little water in their food, so in Chinese style In cooking, we can see a lot of water-related cooking methods, such as braising, steaming, boiling, braising, stewing and the like are basically water-related, including most of the food we usually eat are also water-related , Such as noodles, dumplings and the like.

Then let's take a look at foreigners' pans. Obviously, their pans can't hold water, they can only be used for frying, and it's not easy to gather together in the pan, so for foreigners they eat steak. That's very convenient. If all Chinese people use a pan, if we want to cook a bowl of noodles, it's very difficult. So for foreigners, there are basically no noodles like noodles. Food with soup.

So what do these two different pots say about the relationship between people? When we celebrate festivals in China, we all pay attention to reunion, so our pot has to hold the food that many people eat, or it will arrive. During the reunion, there is no way to make what everyone eats. For foreigners, they will only spend a few people in the family during festivals, and the sense of belonging is not very strong, so you can see from the above. This shows the interpersonal difference between us and foreigners.

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