5. The hot wok that has just been used up is best placed on an iron frame or a dry wooden board or straw mat. Do not put it on wet ground, ceramic tiles or concrete floors, otherwise the temperature will change suddenly and the wok will burst easily.

6. Do not use a wok to boil viscous foods.

7. If the inner wall of the wok is colored, it is not suitable to store wine, vinegar, acidic beverages and food.

8. The material of the wok is special, so wait until the wok cools down before cleaning. Moreover, it should not be soaked in detergent to avoid the sewage from penetrating into the pores of the wok, and it cannot be washed off no matter how much it is washed. The washed wok must not be put away until the moisture is completely dry, otherwise it may grow black spot mold.

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