3. Listen to the sound-tap the pot body lightly with the lid or coin, whichever is clear, bright and crisp. When identifying, place the bottom of the pot facing the sky, press the center of the concave surface with your fingers, and tap with a hard object. The louder the pot sound, the fingers The greater the vibration, the better.

4. Fill the casserole with a sufficient amount of water when purchasing, and check if there is any leakage. You can also tap the pot body with your hand to see if the sound is crisp and has an overtone. If there is a hoarse sound, it means that the casserole is cracked, and it is best not to buy it.

5. Purchase casserole as needed. Generally speaking, decocting medicine does not need a good pottery casserole, just buy a cheap casserole without leakage. The pot of stewed food has higher requirements, and it is best to choose a good-quality white casserole.

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