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      About Us

      Ningbo ZaiXing Kitchen Ware Co.Ltd, created by the entrepreneurs keen to the area as a partnership, is committed to producing non-stick cookware for exporting. ZaiXing, located in a beautiful thriving city Cixi with a convenient transportation and booming development, owns an ideal location for manufacturers- National industrial area Hangzhou Bay area to the west, Ningbo to the east, Cixi Trade and Commerce Center the south and Hangzhou Bay Bridge the north.

      We are nicely outfitted with full set of office and manufacturing equipment, covering an area of 6,000 square meters and has a 4,000-square-meter warehouse. Our production equipments such as assembly line are provided by well-known manufacturers, with the spraying line especially produced by Fengyu. It is entirely completed by five automatic sandblasting lines from frame molding, die casting, tensile, incision, sandblasting, cleaning, spray and paint, bottom polishing to the assembling of end products, which is a up-to-date system to be tested in the future.



      Our company also possesses talents capable of operating high-end equipments and have created a number of outstanding talents in this innovating era by arranging learning and training for technical staff every quarter. With a concerned heart for every staff, the management of the company strives for the company's equipment update, technology management at every moment. With such efforts we have created a beneficial environment for our foreign trade team. Every employee is grateful for their connection with the company and our production technology, quality, capacity improve increasingly in such a warm family, which firmly ensures good after-sale service. We think for customers and they trust us. The general manager’s note professional team, professional attitude, professional technology and professional service inspires every one of us and adds to customers' confidence in choosing ZaiXing.

      Regarding the raw materials and general materials, we choose the best and the safest material-processing units. Our quality inspectors strictly control the processing from material selection to quality control to guarantee high quality of our products which not only wins reputation for ourselves but also the profits for our customers.


      Our capacity has reached up to the production of 3.5 million tensile pots and 1million die casting pans every year. We have three product series including more than 80 types of products with each sells quite well in Europe and America and gains trust and praise of users from many areas overseas. We are the backbone of Cixi's new industry and receive social widespread praise in Ningbo. With the purpose of to thank for and construct the city, we continuously move with the tines to create a bright future.

      We have a clear development plan over the next few years. We are to open our door to trade through various communication platform and interpersonal relationship to make safe kitchen ware for the sake of more people all over the world. As the future lies underfoot, let us celebrate and share this prosperity.


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